We are a small airline with GA planes only. There are only a few rules, but we kindly ask you to obey them.

  1. Wombat Air is like a small family, so be nice to each other. In case of a conflict, talk to each other.
  2. SIM ACARS is not a must, we also accept manual Pireps, but if a pilot only submits these, we will ask for SIM ACARS reports from time to time. You can download SIM ACARS in your Pilots Section under "Downloads".
  3. Flight Duration has to be entered in HOURS (e.g. 30 minutes = 0,5 hours)
  4. Time Compression (STRG-T), Ground Speed Increase (ALT-T, shown as "Refueling" in SIM ACARS) and pausing the flight is ALLOWED, although shown as "FAIL" in SIM ACARS.
  5. Also make yourself familiar with our flight number system. You can find the documentation as a .xlsx file in the Pilots Section under "Download".
  6. After a few flights, you will receive the Wombat Air livery for your simulation (if compatible). Please share screenshots from your flights from time to time.
  7. The Wombat Air livery is copyrighted by Marc Stecher (CEO of Wombat Air), it is not allowed to change the livery nor to keep it in case you leave the airline.

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